dijous, 15 de setembre de 2011


Monday 12nd September 2011 -
Yesterday we got the bus from our village to Barcelona. In Barcelona we went to the airport and there we had breakfast and then we checked the luggage in. And then we passed the security control and we took off and had lunch. Finally we arrived at the Bristol airport and we went by bus to Paington. The trip was six hours long: two hours by plane and four by bus. When we arrived at Paington we went to a sports centre parking and there we waited for the families, we were a little bit nervous because the families arrived late. Finally all the families came and we went home. All of the students liked the families and the houses. And we went to sleep very happily. We wish we will enjoy these days.

Tuesday 13rd September 2011
Today is the first day in the Devon School of English. We start the class at 9 but it is the first day and we go to school at 8:30. We finish class at 12:30, at 12:30 lunch. At 13:30 we went to visit Paignton.
We saw the sea, visit the Oldway Mansion and the Historic green park and garden, and we go shopping in shopping streets. In the evening we go to school and watch a film and ate pizza and drank coke, tango orange, sprint lemon... The film was Brides War, it is an interesting film. The night was very fun.

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  1. We like very much your posts and your pictures are very funny.
    We have a one interesting question: Joan and Ramon,do you like the french girls?
    And who is the Manotia and Sacristana? This question writes the boys.
    The girls knew a beautiful boys? And where are they from? This question writes the girls.